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Self Storage in Chula Vista Changes The Self Storage Marketing Game With Social Media



PRLog (Press Release)Jun 21, 2011Chula Vista, CA – June 20, 2011 – Everyone seems to have an abundance of possessions, but never enough room to store them all. provides a safe haven for the unused items, while pioneering the use of social media within the industry.

“Extra Storage is trying to become a pioneer in the self storage industry by adopting social media to reach and engage our customers while other storage facilities are still figuring out what Twitter is and what to do with it,” said Nancy Bush, Marketing Manager at Extra Storage.

The Chula Vista self storage facility is making use of social media with online offers for those who “like” the business on Facebook and follow the company on Twitter. For a limited time, clients will receive two months rent free on certain size units and locations. Those who like the firm on Facebook will receive half off, and customers who refer a friend can obtain up to one month rent free.

When customers reserve their storage units online, they’ll only pay $1 for their first month’s rent on specially marked units. If a customer finds an identical unit type and size offered by one of Extra Storage’s competitors, the firm will beat the competitor’s price by 5 percent. The company offers a 10 percent discount for seniors and a 20 percent discount for military personnel.

Extra Storage serves those in the Chula Vista and San Diego area, offering clean and secure self-storage units. The Chula Vista self storage company has a variety of units to fit residential and commercial needs, with 1,700 units from which to choose. The firm has on-site management 24 hours a day to ensure the safety and security of clients’ possessions. Packing supplies can also be purchased.

Extra Storage maintains a blog containing tips, advice and information on packing and storing their belongings. Many believe the Chula Vista self storage is just for extra items that won’t fit anywhere else, but the blog offers unique and innovative ways for using storage units.

Fans can follow the Chula Vista self storage facility on Facebook at and on Twitter at!/extrastoragecv. Visitors can access the company’s blog at

Extra Storage is leading the way in the storage industry with its use of social media sites to boost business, reward loyal clients and reach new potential customers. Utilization of social media is allowing the Chula Vista self storage to offer online deals and provide better service for its many clients.

Located at 1483 S. Broadway in Chula Vista, CA, the firm can be reached by phone at 1-619-427-21221 or via email with the convenient form on the website. For more information, visit the website at Chula Vista Self Storage.

Social Media is the Wave of the Future

by Winnie Hsiu
Who would have thought back in the 1980s when the internet was beginning to really take form that it would one day change the way that people communicate, shop, conduct business, interact with each other, watch television, and so much more. One estimate derived back in 2009 had one quarter of the world’s population wired for the internet. Chances are that number has grown even larger over the last two years.

One of the many ways in which the internet has changed the world has been through the creation of social media. Things like MySpace and Facebook were initially created to give people a way to connect with friends and other people no matter where they were in the world. Social media now includes things like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Bebo, Yammer, Diospora, and so much more.

Since so much of the world is on the internet, businesses have gotten smart and taken to using social media as a way of reaching out to customers, both new and old. Businesses like the self storage industry now run entire promotions and marketing campaigns strictly through social media channels.

However, as with anything, there are certain pitfalls that come with using social media to market your business.

One of the biggest problems that companies like Life Storage in Chicago has had is in finding and connecting with current or past customers that will help promote things like the video contest they held in 2010 that gave the winner free storage for a year.

Most social media sites will allow you to find your “friends” through a basic email search. If you have been collecting email addresses of your tenants, past and present, all you need to do is connest your email database to Facebook or whatever mode your using and it will actually do all the hard work for you.

Getting started is not the hardest part of using social media though. The real trick is in keeping up with it, especially when you run promotions that cross into multiple different modes of social media like Storitz, a self storage directory provider, did when they ran a promotion inspired from the Julia Robert’s movie “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Through the promotion they were encouraging users to post their own stories similar to the one Robert’s lives in the movie via Facebook and Twitter. They also had a video of their own as a parody of the movie on YouTube to inspire users.

Keeping up with so many different mediums can be difficult and time consuming. That is why social media management platforms like HootSuite, TweetDeck or Seesmic exist, so that you can maximize your time and earning potential through social media.

Social media is an exciting an fast growing segment in the business world. Whether you’re a self storage company, the local drug store, or just a consumer, if you don’t get on board the social media train you’re going to find yourself left in the past.
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Facebook Fans Discount!!!
Check out Chula Vista Extra Self Storage on Facebook, and  click “Like” on the page. Our fans will receive a special discount! Just mention  that you’re a fan of our Facebook when you lease a new unit at our Chula Vista Extra Self Storage facilities to receive 1/2 off your first months rent!
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Let Extra-Storage Help You Sell Your Home! Chula Vista Storage Experts!

Selling your home? Start Packing Now!

Statistics show that clean, uncluttered homes have more showings and spend less time on the market. It is also common that these homes will sell for a higher price. Start packing now! You will save time and money by storing your extra items in a safe and convenient self storage unit.

Your rooms will appear larger with less furniture. Start by getting rid of extra chairs and tables in the living room. Only keep the basics you need to be comfortable while your home is on the market.

Pictures and Knick Knacks
When you are selling your home, many strangers will be looking at everything you have. Remove family pictures and valuable trinkets while the home is on the market. Bare walls may look boring, but they make the room look bigger.

Fixtures not for Sale
The self storage facility is a safe place to store that chandelier or extra refrigerator you are not including with the home.

Kitchen Items
Pack away the fine china and glassware. Now is a good time to go through the cupboards. Yes, people are going to open them to see how large they are. Make them look bigger by packing up those extra pots, pans and small appliances.

Pack away the unseasonable clothing to make your closets appear roomier. Box up those extra shoes for now; keep them up front in the self storage unit so you can visit them when you want.

Keep only favorite toys and games in your child’s room. Stash away the rest for now. If you can consolidate your clothing into one dresser in the master bedroom, store the other until moving time. More floor space is appealing to new home buyers.

If your basement is currently being used to store things you don’t use every day, then take those items to the self storage shed. A basement is a valuable selling feature to your home. Make it as presentable as possible.

Take a look around here carefully. Remove workbenches if they are not included in the sale of your home. If you have already started packing and have a few boxes stored in the garage, take them to storage. Pack up anything else you do not need for the next few months. Home buyers viewing homes with garages want to be sure their vehicles will fit.

Another Quick Tip: Save on cleaning and dusting time by pre-packing as much as you can now. You will appreciate this when the realtor calls for a last minute showing with a prospective buyer.

20% Military Discount

Military Discounts
Chula Vista Extra Storage offers special military on self-storage units.  All active military members and senior citizens are eligible for a 20 percent discount off our full storage rental rates.  Military discounts will remain in effect for the duration of military service.

20% Military Discount



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