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Protecting memories and handing down family heirlooms are important parts of family life, but lack of space can turn treasures into clutter. Self storage provides the extra square footage that you need to save things you would otherwise have to sacrifice for lack of space.
To preserve your photos in good condition while in storage, consider the following tips:

Storing Photos and Photo Albums

  • Seal photos in airtight plastic bags to prevent exposure to moisture
  • When placing photo albums, books or magazines in boxes, alternate placing the spine to the right or left
  • Always put paper between photographs to prevent them from sticking together (archival-quality paper is recommended – this can be purchased at most photography and craft stores)
  • Place a piece of strong cardboard, plastic or wood between groups of loose photos and pack them tightly in boxes to prevent warping
  • Only use photo albums that are archival quality
  • Label boxes and containers for quick reference

Weather Condition

Climate is extremely crucial for the preservation of photographs and photo albums, as it prevents damage from extreme temperatures. (Ask your Extra Storage facility manager about which locations are more suitable for stable climate.
Generally, there are many kinds of packing materials specifically designed to preserve valuable and fragile items. Ask your facility manager about how to get the best use out of these materials, and for other creative storage solutions. At Extra Storage, our facilities offer professional-quality boxes and other supplies for your convenience.

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