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Moving and Packing Supplies

Moving Supplies

Extra Storage is your one stop for all your moving and packing supplies.  Boxes, locks, bubble wrap and more are readily available for purchase at Extra Storage.

Bubble Wrap
When moving and storing fragile items, cushioning should be a primary concern. Extra Space Storage sells many different types of cushioning products, such as bubble wrap, packing paper and foam peanuts.
Extra Storage offers disc locks. Disc locks are case-hardened, making them strike and pick proof. Disk locks are the required lock at Extra Storage. 
Moving Boxes
Extra Storage boxes have double-walled construction and are UPS approved. Ask the Store Manager which boxes are best for the items you are packing. We offer standard-sized boxes and specialty boxes for items such as TVs, VCRs, and pictures.
Packing Taps
Our Managers can help you estimate how much tape you need for the number of boxes you'll be packing.
Other Supplies -Mattress
-Sofa Covers
-Drop Cloths

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Extra Storage units are designed with the security of your belongings, your budget and convenience in mind. For all your personal and commercial storage needs, please call the Extra Storage professional team at 619-427-2122 or email us lease@extra-storage.net

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